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2012 Coaching Search

stories related to the search for Avery Johnson's replacement

Do YOU Want Jason Kidd to Coach the Nets?

With the report that Jason Kidd is interested in coaching the Brooklyn Nets next season, we at NetsDaily have to ask: Do you want Kidd to be the next coach of the Nets?


Jason Kidd, who retired only a week ago, wants to be the Nets head coach, reports Adrian Wojnarowski, and has even identified a group of possible assistants to help him make the leap to head coach. The Nets are discussing the possibility.

Deadlines and Commitments - LXXX

We don't have the date for the announcement of a new head coach. Nor do we list the schedules for each of the Euro-Nets games in the FIBA Eurobasket. Otherwise, we try to be complete, adding September 8, the day for the Moscow mayoral election.

Is Shaw "front-runner" for Nets? Is there one?

Fred Kerber writes Sunday of Brian Shaw and what he would bring to the Nets bench, but notes as well that in the coaching search, there may be "no real front runner" for the job.

How Nets roster might fit the Triangle

In December, after Avery Johnson was fired and Phil Jackson rumors surfaced, Jackson confidante Charley Rosen wrote the Nets roster was "an almost perfect fit" for the Triangle. Now, with Brian Shaw a coaching candidate, here's what Rosen wrote.

Aldridge: If it's Shaw, expect the Triangle

On NBA Game Time Saturday, David Aldridge talked about the Nets coaching vacancy and said he thinks it's Brian Shaw's job if he wants it. And he added, get ready for the Triangle if it's Shaw.

Nets execs scout bigs at EuroCamp

Europeans from all over head to Italy to prove themselves to many NBA executives. We take a look at both first and second round picks.

Lawrence: Nets should hire Ettore Messina

If you want an international man of mystery for the Nets coaching job, Mitch Lawrence has your man: Ettore Messina, whose name has been knocking around the coaching speculation for a couple of weeks. He'd be the first international coach in the NBA.

Lupica: Nets should turn to Kidd

Mike Lupica thinks the Nets would be well-served by turning to the player who saved the franchise a decade ago and name Jason Kidd coach.

Does Brian Shaw prefer the Nets?

Peter Vecsey tweeted early Friday that Brian Shaw "prefers BK" adding, "Unsure offer forthcoming." Does that mean Shaw is unsure or the Nets are unsure? We will have to wait...some more.

Shaq endorses ex-teammate for Nets job

"I’d like for him to get the Clippers or Brooklyn job," Shaquille O’Neal told Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star, referring to Brian Shaw. "Make sure you put it in so they know I said it." The two played four years together, won three titles.

Is George Karl "mystery man?" Nope!

For the past couple of weeks, there's been rumors that the Nets have a "mystery man," a "surprise" in line for their open coaching job. Suddenly on Thursday, there MAY be a name to attach to those two descriptions. George Karl, coach of the year.

Shaw's agent: "No interviews scheduled"

In a series of tweets Wednesday, ESPN LA's Ramona Shelburne relayed a statement from Brian Shaw's agent, Jerome Stanley, the bottom line of which is that no interviews have been scheduled with any team, and that he won't be commenting.

Nets likely to get permission to talk with Hollins

According to Ron Tillery of the Commercial Appeal, the Nets have been denied permission to speak with Grizzlies head coach Lionel Hollins, while the Clippers were granted permission to speak with him.

Woj: Shaw is "Nets top coaching target"

In two tweets, back to back, Wednesday, Adrian Wojnarowski reports the Nets have permission to talk with Shaw, the Pacers top assistant and that he is now the "Nets top coaching target."

Woj: Shaw Is Top Target For Nets

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Nets have been given permission to speak with Brian Shaw of the Indiana Pacers and he has now become the team's top target.

Popeye interviewed for job in Toronto

Popeye Jones, whose contract is up on June 30, was in Toronto recently to talk to Raptors officials about becoming an assistant in the Canadian city. With the hiring of Masai Ujiri, there has been a house cleaning in the Raptors front office.

Nets contact Larry Brown, but NOT as candidate

After the latest rumors re Lionel Hollins and Brian Shaw, now comes word from an anonymous source to Adam Zagoria that the Nets, along with the 76ers and possibly the Clippers, have contacted Brown, who's currently coaching SMU in Dallas.

ESPN: Nets targeting Shaw

With their season over, the Pacers are starting to field requests from teams to interview Brian Shaw, Indiana's assistant coach. Mike Wells, the veteran Pacer beat writer, says that both the Nets and Clippers are among those most interested.

Nets Granted Permission to Speak With Hollins

Nets have been granted permission to speak with Grizzlies head coach Lionel Hollins, according to ESPN's Marc Stein.

Nets focus on Euros in draft ... and coach?

The Nets travel to Italy, next weekend to look at European draft prospects. Don't be surprised to hear they have interest in a European coaching prospect as well, specifically Ettore Messina who won two Euroleague titles for Mikhail Prokhorov.

JVG interested in coaching, but where?

In an interview on Houston radio Friday, Jeff Van Gundy remained elusive about his status as speculation mounted that he's on a short list for the Nets --and Clippers-- coaching jobs. Van Gundy did say he'd be interested in returning to the bench.

Report: Nets reached out to JVG

Mark Heisler, the LA-based Hall of Fame writer, tweeted Friday afternoon that the Nets have made "preliminary contact" with Jeff Van Gundy and he "didn't say no."

Which Crash shows up in October?

The Nets on Friday posted some season highlights of Gerald Wallace, focusing on hustle plays and athleticism. It's a nice peg to take a look at Wallace's season ... or better yet, the disparity between his regular season and the playoffs.

Nets keeping options open, closely held

As Fred Kerber reports Friday, "If there is an overwhelming front-runner right now, the Nets are guarding it closely." Five weeks into the ir search, the Nets don't appear to have a front-runner, leading Kerber to suspect a "surprise candidate."

Nets future bleak, reports ESPN

Woe is us. ESPN believes that the Nets' spending spree of last summer has condemned the franchise to a future where there is limited opportunity for success. In the annual Future Power Rankings survey, four ESPN analysts rank the Nets only 21st.

Who does this man want to coach the Nets?

It seems as if everyone on the Nets list --if indeed that single sheet of paper exists on Mikhail Prokhorov's desk or in note inside Billy King's iPad-- has pluses and minuses. So we take a look at all the candidates ... or all those we know about.

Hollins says he will be "realistic" about future

Lionel Hollins says he wants to be back in Memphis, that his loves his guys and the city, but no one has talked to him yet about extending his contract and he plans on being "very, very realistic" about his future.

How Long Do Nets Have to Wait to Talk to Hollins?

The Grizzlies aren't expected to let Lionel Hollins to speak to other teams until July 1, 2013, when he officially becomes a free agent. The Brooklyn Nets are certainly interested, but will they wait until then to speak to him?

With Grizzlies Done, Is Hollins Next for Nets?

The Brooklyn Nets are expected to pursue Memphis Grizzlies head coach Lionel Hollins now that he is officially a free agent, after the Grizzlies fell to the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Finals.

Hollins now in line of sight for Nets, Clippers

Lionel Hollins is saying he wants to come back to Memphis and reports out of ownership and management suggest they want him back. But the question on both sides remains, "how much?". Also, how much is Mikhail Prokhorov willing to pay.

Lionel Hollins on player development

Lionel Hollins is about to become a hot property despite his team's current 3-0 deficit in the Western Conference Finals. Last October, he spoke candidly about his philosophy of player development and why some young players make it, and some do not.


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