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2012 Coaching Search

stories related to the search for Avery Johnson's replacement

Magic to J-Kidd: Be prepared to be patient

Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald writes about how great point guards transition from seeing the floor as a player to seeing it as a coach ... and how the difference could be crucial in determining how successful Jason Kidd will be as a head coach.

Kidd talks basketball and life with Post

The media roll-out of Jason Kidd continues with the Steve Serby interview in the Post. Serby, who's done some of the better sports interviews in recent years, gets into with the new Nets coach.

Stack, Iggy, Andre all endorse Kidd

As we note in Off-Season Report, there is near unanimity among the skeptics that the Jason Kidd hire is at best a big risk but among players, the reverse is true: near unanimity that it can and likely will work.

Prokhorov: Kidd "born coach" and "star"

The other day, when Mikhail Prokhorov was announcing that he won't be running for Mayor of Moscow and that he was repatriating his interest in the Nets back to Russia, he also responded, in Russian, to some questions about the Nets' new coach.

Is Jason Kidd face of the franchise? YES!

Bob Raissman of the Daily News asks an interesting question: Is Jason Kidd now the face of the Nets franchise? He answers it, too, with a resounding yes, or more appropriately, YES, as in the network.

How soon on Kidd's assistant coaches?

In one of his interviews Friday, Billy King said of assistant coaches, "There are guys we have targeted and will move as quickly as we can," adding, "some names are true, some are false." Don't be surprised if you see announcements this week.

Evans on Coach Kidd: "He's the package"

The first Nets player, other than Deron Williams, has reacted to Jason Kidd's hiring. Speaking with Jared Zwerling of ESPN New York, Reggie Evans used the word, "excited" more than once to describe how he felt when he got the news.

Kidd's DWI charge still pending

Next Thursday, Jason Kidd will face cameras again, except this time, he's likely to be more nervous than he was at Barclays Center this Thursday. Kidd will finally appear in Suffolk County Court in Southhampton to answer charges he was driving drunk.

Coach Kidd hit the airwaves Friday

Jason Kidd spent much of his morning talking to New York and national sportscasters about his vision for the Nets and how he will work with his friend and former Team USA teammate, Deron Williams.

Brooklyn Nets: Welcome Home, Coach Kidd

Jason Kidd was introduced to the media today at the Barclays Center as the new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

Kidd: "I felt like I was home, I really did"

In an exclusive interview with Mike Lupica Thursday morning, Jason Kidd spoke of how nervous he was on Monday as he arrived at PNY Center or his interview with Billy King. Then, as he got out of the car, things changed. "I felt like I was home."

Vecsey: Kidd guaranteed $7.5 millon over three

Jason Kidd's deal is $10.5 million over four years, with the first three --and $7.5 million-- guaranteed and the last year a team option at $3 million.

D-Will on Kidd: a risk worth taking

Deron Williams spoke exclusively to Stefan Bondy Wednesday night about the Nets decision to hire Jason Kidd as his head coach. D-Will talked about the decision as a risk vs. reward calculation.

Poll: The Jason Kidd Hire

How do Nets fans feel about the team hiring Jason Kidd as their next head coach? Well, let's find out.

Twitter praise from teammates everywhere

From Nets executives to former teammates, on the Suns, Nets, Mavericks Knicks and Team USA, a stream of tweets celebrating his elevation and congratulating the Nets on their choice...

In case you've forgotten (but we know you haven't)

A compilation entitled, "The Captain Returns," from the time of Jason Kidd's first time as the Nets savior. Enjoy the alley-oops, the touch passes and the sheer fun of it all.

Official Announcement of Kidd Hiring

The Brooklyn Nets have named former Net Jason Kidd as the team's new head coach, General Manager Billy King announced tonight. Kidd becomes the 18th head coach in the franchise's NBA history.


The Nets have hired Jason Kidd, the greatest player in franchise history, to be their new head coach. After a month long search, Billy King and Mikhail Prokhorov went with the candidate who is at once most unlikely ... and most obvious.

As Shaw interviews with Nets, Kidd pursues staff

Brian Shaw sat down with Billy King for four hours on Wednesday, a meeting that one insider called "very good." For Shaw, it was an attempt to catch up to front-runner Jason Kidd. Mikhail Prokhorov sent a private jet to fetch Shaw Tuesday night.

Broussard: Kidd the "Sexy Hire" Prokhorov wants

Chris Broussard says Jason Kidd is "clearly the front-runner" for the Nets job, that while they're giving Brian Shaw "a fair showing," Kidd checks off a lot of the boxes in the Nets search, primarily that owner Mikhail Prokhorov wants a "sexy hire."

Dave D: Billy King better get Kidd right

Right after Jason Kidd announced his retirement, Dave D'Alessandro wrote it would be a grand idea if the Nets hired their greatest player ever ... but NOT as head coach. Now, Dave D writes Kidd as head coach is a big risk, particularly for Billy King

Kidd deal for three years? Not done, says source

Joseph Gambardello of the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting the Nets coaching search is all but over, that contracts talks are underway with Jason Kidd. Gambardello adds the term of his contract will be three years and will be announced soon.

Kidd's desire crucial to Nets coaching calculus

Various reports suggest that despite the questions on Jason Kidd's readiness as an NBA head coach, the Nets have been most impressed by how much their former point guard wants the job and he was willing to leave so much money on the table.

Woj: Kidd Could Be Coach By End of the Week

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Jason Kidd is the leading candidate to be the next head coach of the Nets, with a decision to be made at the end of the week.

Kidd impressed Nets with "supreme confidence"

Chris Broussard has told ESPN Sports Center that Jason Kidd did well in his interview Monday with Nets brass, exhibiting "supreme confidence" throughout.

Why Jason Kidd?

The bottom line for the Nets: In their second year in Brooklyn, they have the opportunity to create a culture in the mold of Jason Kidd: tough, persistent, winning. A little spin and some time and you can add loyalty to the mix as well. Kidd works.

Shaw talks to Clippers before meeting King

Brian Shaw is scheduled to meet with Billy King Wednesday as the Nets seemingly narrow their choices to him and Jason Kidd. On Monday, Shaw was in L.A., where he won seven rings, for a meeting with Clipper management and dinner with Donardl Sterling

Dirk Endorses Kidd; Evans Endorses King

Jason Kidd's former teammate in Dallas Dirk Nowitzki has endorsed him as a NBA head coach, saying he's capable of making the leap from player to coach without taking any time off.

Kidd is "strong," perhaps "leading" candidate

No one is saying no. After meeting with Jason Kidd, Nets management sees the future Hall of Famer as both "strong" and "formidable" candidate for the head coaching job, reports Adrian Wojnarowski. Fred Kerber calls him the "leading" candidate.

Kidd meets with King as speculation mounts

Stefan Bondy and Peter Vecsey both report that Jason Kidd and Billy King met today to discuss the Nets coaching vacancy, lending more credence to reports that Kidd is a real candidate for the job vacated by P.J. Carlesimo in April.

"L" thinks "J" could be "great head coach"

The drumbeat continues. Sunday night, Lawrence Frank, Jason's Kidd's coach for five years, told NBC's Mike'd Up that the future Hall of Famer "could be a great head coach."

King to meet Shaw Wednesday

Billy King is going to have a busy week. In addition to meeting with Jason Kidd (on a date yet to be revealed), King will meet Brian Shaw in New York Wednesday, reports Peter Vecsey in a series of tweets early Monday. Shaw meets the Clippers Monday.