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Oculus, Ice Rink Tested at Barclays


The construction schedule for Barclays Center always had the oculus, the opening to the sky above the entrance plaza, and the ice rink among the last items on the contractors list. And this weekend, both were up and running.

The oculus which sits 30 feet above the entrance plaza will feature a 360-degree LED screen what will carry most of the signage for coming events, sponsor messages and even some highlights of the action inside.

Also being tested, as this YouTube video by Devin Kharpertian shows, are the entrance plaza lights. (Anyone else instantly reminded of "Close Encounters" without the techno-sound?)

But the real news is the hockey rink, branded with the Barclays logo. We're told it was spruced up for a visit by Islanders owner Charles Wang, who the Nets still want to join them at the arena. There are a lot of issues between here and there but showing Wang the ice rink off can't hurt. The October 2 pre-season game between the Isles and Devils is looking less likely, however, with NHL labor strife.