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Will Nets Lose More in ABA Suit?

We've written about this before...many times...about how the owners of the Spirits of St. Louis, a defunct ABA franchise continues to reap significant amounts of cash from four of its fellow ABA teams now in the NBA, including the Brooklyn Nets. Even though the Spirits died nearly 40 years ago, its owners still get one-seventh of the national TV money given the four surviving ABA teams — the Nets, Spurs, Pacers and Nuggets. So far, they've reaped a quarter billion dollars.

Now, though, the Spirits owners, the Silna brothers, say they deserve one-seventh of the money the league gets from international broadcasts, NBA TV, the league’s cable network, and other lucrative deals yet imagined. Richard Sandomir of the Times leaves open the question of whether if they win a lawsuit the money will come from the league or the four ABA teams. One thing is certain: the Silnas now need the money. The lost a ton to Bernie Madoff.