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Walsh: Nets-Knicks Is Legit Rivalry

Gilbert Rivera via NetsDaily
Gilbert Rivera via NetsDaily

Donnie Walsh is back in Indiana, his revamp of the Knicks the basis of all their hopes. But the veteran GM thinks the rivalry between the Knicks and the Nets is legit. The move across two rivers gives the Nets new credibility and the team is solid, he says in a Post interview.

"I think Brooklyn is going to be a great franchise," Walsh told Fred Kerber. "They have solid ownership. They have a great backcourt in Joe Johnson and Deron Williams. [Gerald] Wallace is a top tier player, he goes to the boards, defends, can score. Kris Humphries is a capable rebounder who can stretch the floor with his shot. And I like [Brook] Lopez. In fact, Walsh reserved special praise for the Nets' seven-footer.

"He’s got talent. He can score, " said Walsh of Lopez. "We couldn’t stop him [with the Knicks] no matter who we put on him." Meanwhile, Kerber reports that the Nets are expected to sign Lopez's presumptive back-up, Andray Blatche, to a training camp contract Friday. One center who won't be in camp is Jeff Foote. The Armor big has signed with Zalgiris in Lithuania.