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Arena Completion Delayed a Week, Won't Affect Opening Plans, Nets


As reported by Altantic Yards Report, "substanial completion" of Barclays Center, marked by the issuance of a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, has been delayed "probably a week," said a Forest City executive/. The TCO was supposed to be issued Wednesday, but the arena didn't make it. September 5 has long been targeted for "substantial completion."

"The schedule for turnover by Hunt [Construction] to Forest City is today," Forest City executive Jane Marshall said Thursday at a bi-monthly meeting of city agencies involved in arena issues. "There is--that's not a deadline for them, they don’t get penalized... they earn something if they do it by certain dates... We think, in general, the arena is on track for getting a TCO probably next week. And at that point it will be turned over to arena operations. And I’m not sure when the permanent C of O would be--it doesn't need to be [there] for opening."

Marshall said the arena's first events, which begin with the Jay-Z concerts starting September 28 would not affected, that builders are primarily at the FF&E stage, "that’s fixtures, furniture, and equipment."