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Nets To Sign Blatche Soon As Today

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Fred Kerber reports that the Nets will sign Andray Blatche either later Thursday or Friday,

"It’s getting done," a league source told Kerber. Overnight, the Washington Post reported Blatche could sign with the Heat but sources say that's not happening, that Blatche has agreed to the non-guaranteed vets minimum deal with Brooklyn. Kerber noted the Nets' positive experience with Gerald Green last season helped encouraged them to do the deal with Blatche. Green signed with Indiana in July.

Blatche, amnestied by Washington, will get $1.1 million if he sticks with the Nets in training camp, reports Kerber. Blatche is already guaranteed $7.1 million as part of his amnesty deal with the Wizards.

Any money he gets from the Nets will reduce what the Wizards owe him. Washington has to pay him $23.4 million over the next three years. The Nets have 13 players with guaranteed deals in addition to Blatche.