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Blatche: Nets "Great Team, Coach;" Signing Expected Later This Week


Andray Blatche said all the right things about the Nets Wednesday in an interview with HoopsWorld, telling Bill Ingram, "Hopefully, in another couple of days, I'll be back on an NBA roster." Howard Beck, who broke the story of the Nets interest, tweets Blatche will join the Nets on a one-year, non-guaranteed contract. Blatche confirmed that he worked out with Avery Johnson Saturday and praised the Nets, alternately using "they" and "we." He said he was pleased with his workout in front of Johnson.

It went well, went well. Just me and the coach worked out. I felt i did great.

Nets have a pretty strong chance and also a great coach. Deron Williams to me is one of the best point guards if not the best point guard in the league and we have Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace, Lopez and Brook, I mean, Humphries. They have players who have proven themselves in the league. So they have a great team.

However, early Thursday, the Washington Post reported that nothing is "finalized," quoting a source close to Blatche. It's possible, Michael Lee reported, that Blatche could still sign with the Heat.

Blatche, amnestied by the Wizards in July, credited John Lucas in the video with getting him in shape and helping his game. He added, "I'm still going to work out with John until I'm on a team with somebody and I'd like to get my body in better shape. I'm continuing to tune my game."

Still, Marc Stein reported, "The Brooklyn Nets are on course to sign power forward Andray Blatche by week's end, according to sources close to the process ... Two sources close to the process told that Blatche is on course to sign with Brooklyn this week." Marc J. Spears reports "Blatche has agreed in principle to a 1-year contract paying the minimum" adding,"Blatche is expected to sign the deal with Brooklyn early next week and will be used at the power forward and center positions."