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Smith: Avery Strikes Right Tone


Veteran NBA writer Sekou Smith may or may not follow this site but he seems to have taken a side on whether Avery Johnson was right to say the Nets are not (yet) championship caliber. In a column Wednesday he commends Johnson.

Avery Johnson’s perspective on his team is sobering in this day and age of overnight contenders and super teams. There doesn’t seem to be a hint of overconfidence in his words, an uncommon-but-wise thing with such a risky, high-dollar play.

The Nets should be a contender in the East on the basis of that All-Star backcourt alone, Smith notes and "Having a solid first five should put them in the picture with the Celtics and Pacers just behind the Heat in the pecking order." But he notes, it's all about what do on the court.

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