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Late Night Mentions For The Nets

The Nets got some mention on two late night shows Tuesday, one better than the other.

At the end of his interview with Dwyane Wade David Letterman asked about Brooklyn, noting that the Nets won't be playing in Newark anymore. "You'll be playing in Brooklyn." Wade responded, "Yes," then in a stage whisper added, "I'm so happy." before returning to his normal voice. "I like Newark." As the crowd picked up on his obvious disdain for New Jersey's largest city, Letterman repeated, "You Like Newark?" Once again, a smiling Wade dipped into a whisper and intoned, "I'm so happy."

Over on Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert was introducing the latest segment of his "Better know a district", on Brooklyn's "Fighting 11th." He noted "professional basketball has come to the district with the re-christened Brooklyn Nets, who are partly owned by Jay-Z." He even showed the Nets logo full-screen to applause! Then, Colbert, a noted Knicks fan, dropped the hammer, "The Nets have 99 problems, all of which involve winning a basketball game."