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Teletovic, Shengelia One-on-One

adidas Eurocamp by Robert Serra
adidas Eurocamp by Robert Serra

At 11 a.m. ET, Bosnia and Georgia will face off in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. It's a crucial game for both in the Eurobasket Qualifying Round and a pretty big deal for Nets scouts as well. The top player for each is a Nets rookie, Mirza Teletovic for Bosnia, Toko Shengelia for Georgia.

If Bosnia wins, its chances of making the European championships next year stay alive. If Georgia wins, and it's favored, it could qualify assuming other things go their way Wednesday. It's their second meeting. Georgia won by one on August 21. Ball in Europe, the European basketball blog, calls Teletovic and Shengelia the top two NBA prospects in the tournament and notes that if there was an MVP in the 31-team event, Teletovic would likely win it.