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Prokhorov Pushes Brooklyn Culture

The Mikhail Prokhorov Fund is enhancing its relationship with the Brooklyn Academy of Music. After sponsoring "Three Sisters", the classic Russian play by Anton Chekhov, at BAM on his last trip to Brooklyn in April, Prokhorov's Fund will sponsor a reception for the world premiere of the Academy's latest effort, a composition featuring composer Winton Marsalis and choreographer Garth Fagan.

The reception for "Lighthouse/Lightning Rod and Griot New York (excerpts)" will take place September 27, the night before the opening of Barclays Center. The Nets and Prokhorov have promised enhanced involvement in Brooklyn's community affairs, from basketball camps to cultural events.

The Prokhorov Fund has long sponsored cultural events throughout Russia, specifically in areas where the Nets owner has business interests. Brooklyn now joins that list. Prokhorov's sister, Irina Prokhorova, heads the fund and is a leading Russian intellectual.