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Teletovic Shows Why He's a "Steal"

brooklyn Nets
brooklyn Nets

When a Bosnia reporter recently asked Mirza Teletovic how he expected to play for the Nets, he responded modestly, "I do not know really. I will try my best as I did before, to show to the coach as much as possible. Of course I do not expect anything special. It's my first year.

Whatever those numbers would have been, Teletovic's performance in the Eurobasket Qualifying Tournament has probably upped them. He's in the top five in five different offensive categories including second in scoring.

In the latest assessment of Teletovic's NBA future, Wendell Maxey of Ridiculous Upside writes, "When he initially signed with the Nets during the off season, the deal may have flown under the radar around the league, but Brooklyn is getting a steal in Teletovic."

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