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The Nets Of Brooklyn...If Not In It


It is one of the enduring legends of the Brooklyn Dodgers that Duke, Pee Wee, Jackie and Carl all lived in brownstone Brooklyn, mingling with neighbors, playing an occasional game of stickball with the kids. That was then, this is now.

In yet another front page story about the Nets move to Brooklyn, the New York Times writes about how the modern Brooklynites won't be sitting on the stoops of Prospect Heights but looking down at the borough from perches high above Manhattan or out of sight in North Jersey.

Howard Beck examines why the Nets aren't moving (yet) to Brooklyn: the need to be close to the PNY Center being the biggest one. He also lists where most of the Nets live now. A surprising number actually live in the city. It wasn't that long ago that only one or two lived in Manhattan. Meanwhile, C.J. Hughes offers the Nets some helpful real estate tips.