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With Training Camp Underway This Week, Brooklyn Nets Ready To Answer Questions

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How ready will they be on November 1? We'll start getting answers this week as the Nets move from off-season to pre-season starting with Media Day Monday and then full practices under Avery Johnson Tuesday


The hits just keep on coming. Following a week filled with hoopla, the attention at Barclays Center now turns to hoops. Monday is Media Day in Brooklyn, when the coaches and players get to answer the press questions, then Tuesday they head to the PNY Center to answer their own.

On paper, they look as good, 1 to 15, as any team north of Miami in the East. It's a squad constructed with Mikhail Prokhorov's money according to Billy King's blueprint. There are all-stars (plural), more replacement parts to fill in the roster in case last year's bad luck with injuries returns, and veterans. Still, there are questions that need answering, from Brook Lopez's foot to chemistry concerns to whether Andray Blatche and Josh Childress can exercise whatever demons led the Wizards and Suns to give up on them.

The Nets have a month to work them out before the next big event at Barclays, which Nets executives promise will be even bigger than Jay-Z.