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First Pictures of Barclays Center Practice Court Emerge on Instagram

Deron Williams via Instagram

The Nets practice court at Barclays Center is visible from Atlantic Avenue as well as the Calvin Klein Lounge and even Starbucks but over the last week, it had been used as a practice are for Jay-Z's band, its floor covered in plastic.

On Saturday, pictures of the court, which will be used primarily for shootarounds and walk-throughs, emerged on Instagram, including this one from Deron Williams. Its floor is even more distinctive than the Barclays Center floor, with a dark brown wood not seen on any NBA court. Wrote D-Will on his Instagram post, "Ready to get to work on this court."

The court has four baskets and a scoreboard and can be used for community events. An logo at one end of the floor indicates the court has a sponsor, Gym Source, makers of home gyms. A sponsorship deal has yet to be announced.

It is similar to the Pacers practice court at Bankers Life Field House, which was designed by the same architects, Ellerbe Becket. principal architects for Barclays Center. The Kansas City-based firm also designed the leading NBA training facility, the Cavaliers Cleveland Courts.

To help you place it in the arena complex, the Times worked up this cutaway graphic of Barclays center.