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Nets Update Russian Language Site; Target Audience Is "Global Russian"


The Nets have quietly upgraded their NetsRussia site, the Russian language version of the team's official site. Last year, translation of the official site was limited. Not anymore. In fact, the re-design has sped up in recent weeks and is a "work-in-progress." There's also a subtle shift evident: less about Mikhail Prokhorov, more about the team.

The home page has brief Russian translations of all the major news breaks in free agency, from Deron Williams to Brook Lopez . Drop down menus take the Russian reader to the Nets roster, with each player's bio (except Keith Bogans, for some reason) now translated. Here's the one for MarShon Brooks ("Маршон Брукс") who's headed to Moscow next week for Basketball Without Borders. Avery Johnson's bio is translated as well. Barclays Center seating charts are now in Russian as are directions to the arena.

What's next? There are inactive links for "КЛУБ", Russian for "Club," and "БЛОГ," Russian for "blog.". Some Russian links still go to English language pages, like the schedule, NetsStore and the news archive. Team insiders say that like a lot of things with the Nets, expect more by Opening Night. What's missing from past versions? Links to videos of Prokhorov and his mostly political blog (which you can still find on NetsDaily under "blogs").

With more than 100,000 Russian emigres and others of Russian ancestry living in Brooklyn, the site has value locally. Internationally, Prokhorov has long talked about appealing to the "Global Russian", Russians who live everywhere from Brighton Beach to Vladivostok.