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Teletovic Exploits Getting Notice

Kurt Helin of NBC Sports writes Monday about Mirza Teletovic. After his signing got little notice back in July, his exploits for Bosnia at the Eurobasket Qualifying Tournament in August and now September are getting a lot of notice.

"Teletovic is a stretch four with a very quick release, but also a mean streak that has him defending hard and banging bodies inside," writes Helin, noting his averages of 25.7 points and 6.2 rebounds. Teletovic is in the top five of the 31-team, 372-player tourney in points per game (#2); field goals made (#3); three pointers made (#2); free throws attempted (#5) and made (#4) as well as minutes (#5). The numbers, Helin suggests, are "another sign the Nets may have some scoring punch off the bench this season."

It should also be noted that Teletovic, like his teammates Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez, thinks the Nets have a chance at a title this season. In a little noticed interview he did back in July, Teletovic told Ben Couch that he chose the Nets because "I think Brooklyn is trying to make a very good team, a team that can complete for the championship, a team that can do very good things this year."