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Marv Albert excited about calling Brooklyn Nets vs. New York Knicks on opening night

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Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Brooklyn Nets will play their first regular season game against the New York Knicks on TNT, meaning that Brooklyn native Marv Albert will be there to call the play-by-play. And you bet that Albert is excited for the opportunity.

"No question it has a lot of significance to me, especially as one who called Knicks games for 30 years and did the Nets in recent years," Albert told USA Today. "The fact that Brooklyn has another major league franchise, it has tremendous meaning to me. I will get a real kick out of being part of that."

Albert actually worked for the Brooklyn Dodgers as a teenager and would pretend to broadcast the games in the stands. He would eventually go on to call Knicks games for 37 years and Nets games for five. And he's looking forward to the Nets having their own crowd.

"Even when the Nets had magnificent teams and went to the Finals (2002 and 2003), I got the feeling the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area was more interested in the Knicks," Albert said. "The true mark will be when it sounds like a Nets crowd, and eventually it will be."