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After Jay-Z debut, sale of Brooklyn Nets uniform goes live

With the Nets uniform unveiled by Jay-Z, the NBA Store went live with home and road versions for purchase.

Brooklyn Nets/Errol Anderson

At 9:46 p.m., Jay-Z took the stage at Barclays Center, wearing a Brooklyn Nets road uniform, with the number "4" on the front and "Carter" on the back. After months of guessing, the uniform was finally unveiled. A little less that two hours later, he left the stage to raucous cheers. Then, the marketing began.

And a few minutes later, at midnight, the NBA Store began selling Nets road and away uniforms he featured on-stage and the Nets e-mailed a photo of Jay-Z wearing the road version. Fans who attended the Jay-Z concert were able to walk from their seats to the new Nets Store within the Barclays Center and choose their favorites. And a lot did.

Of course, the Nets haven't been timid in any part of their brand roll-out and tonight was no different. A Limited Edition Brooklyn Nets Jay-Z jersey is also available, sporting Shawn Carter's name, and lucky number. The jersey is an exact copy of the one worn on stage.

Clearer pictures also show the strip that rides up the sides of the jersey features a herringbone pattern, matching the distinctive design of the Barclays Center floor. As Tyshawn Taylor, one of many Nets on hand, tweeted, "what a day, what a day."