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Jay-Z reveals new Brooklyn Nets uniform on stage

Jay-Z opened the Barclays Center and took the stage wearing a black Nets road jersey (No. 4).

Errol Anderson for Brooklyn Nets

As expected, the Nets' new jerseys were revealed on stage at Jay-Z's concert to open Barclays Center on Friday night. The MC and minority owner took the stage wearing a vest with a black road jersey underneath. He then revealed the No. 4 on the front and "Carter" on the back.

The No. 4 has been retired by the Nets for the late Wendell Ladner. It's the lucky number for Jay-Z (born on Dec. 4) and his wife Beyonce (born Sept. 4). The concert started late, with many Nets players, including Deron Williams, in attendance.

Later in the night, jerseys went on sale in the Nets store in the arena.