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Brooklyn Nets interested in Bojan Bogdanovic, but CBA could restrain them

B. Petrinovic, Crobasket

The upside of the Nets spending spree this summer is obvious: whole lot of talent on the roster. The downside is that they may be limited in their moves in the future ... do not underestimate Billy King's creativity. One area where they could face a problem is with their two Euro-Nets, Bojan Bogdanovic and Ilkan Karaman. Karaman said this week that he has no schedule for joining the Nets, but Brooklyn is very high on the 6'8" Bogdanovic and want to sign him.

Problem is that Bogdanovic reportedly makes more than $2 million, about four times the rookie minimum. Since the Nets won't have any cap space, they'd have to use most of their mini-MLE ($3.09 million) to sign him. And Billy King told the media Tuesday, they are indeed considering it, as Tim Bontemps reports. ""We have the tax midlevel next year. So if we're gonna focus in on Bogdanovic, we may have to use that."

Already, CBA restrictions have been a big part of the Nets' decision to sign Toko Shengelia. Bontemps also writes about how the CBA could affect the Nets if they want to re-sign either Andray Blatche or Josh Childress. While they have three years left on their amnesty payments from the Wizards and Suns, the Nets will not have their Bird Rights next year and would be unable to match another team's longer term offer.