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All Aboard! Brooklyn Nets Using Software To Direct Fans

MTA Photos/Patrick Cashin

One of the advantages of the Nets' stay in Newark was their experience connecting fans with mass transit. Among other things, Prudential Center would broadcast NJ Transit schedules on its video monitors right after games ended. In Brooklyn, the Nets are taking this further. As the Daily News reports,a Brooklyn company's software will be used to direct traffic.

Spectators will be able to time their exit from the new arena thanks to software that pinpoints the location of their train, allowing them to avoid the unpleasantries of being cooped up like a sardine on a crowded platform.

The MTA, which runs both the Subway and LIRR, has promised to add trains and hold them in reserve at big events. With 700 HDTV screens everywhere you look in the arena, getting from point "A" to "B" (and beyond) using the Transit Connection should be smooth. First test of the software, by Roadify, will be Friday night at the end of the Jay-Z concert.