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Did Brooklyn Nets uniforms leak ... again?

Two nights before the official unveiling, NBA 2K13 was the latest source of a Nets uniform leak.


When Brook Lopez and Kevin Durant played NBA 2K13's Live Stream Wednesday night in New York, there was no hiding the design of the Nets new Brooklyn Nets uniform. Then later, the Nets 2K13 intro showed up online. Yes, it's been leaked again. Last week, a photo of a pile of what looked like road uniforms circulated and was confirmed as the real thing. This week, the video game's live stream showed what appears to the new home uniforms.

As has long been rumored, the uniforms are simple, black lettering on white uniforms at home and the reverse on the road, both with only "Brooklyn" on the front. Jay-Z, who helped with the design --and lobbied the NBA to permit the black and white design, had said he wanted something "classic" and "Yankee-like." The uniforms are to be officially released Friday, at his Opening Night concert.