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Brooklynettes Uniforms Raise Eyebrows. Too Sexy?

Brooklyn Nets

Oh dear, a controversy. The Nets have unveiled the full line of the Brooklynettes uniforms, seven in all, and some find them a bit too much. Cover your eyes, boys. They're provocative or sexy or trashy or edgy or maybe just New York. As David Dalrymple, their designer (and someone with a resume') points out, "This isn’t palm trees and sunshine. It’s New York City, and it’s Brooklyn. It’s a different sensibility. We go hard," the designer said, echoing a line from you-know-who.

Critics have pointed to their "prison stripes" or "jailhouse stripes," although in our fading memories of 1930's b&w cop movies, prison stripes were vertical. These are horizontal and diagonal. Not even zebra stripes. They also have a "street sense." Not being fashionistas ourselves, we really don't know what that means...but we have an idea. Next, we'll learn the Netsational Dancers are old.