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Barclays Center, Like Brooklyn Nets, Wants To Compete With Madison Square Garden


The ownership and management of the combined investment that is Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Nets have been careful not to trash their Manhattan counterparts, the occasional comment about James Dolan's size notwithstanding. That goes for the Nets as well as Barclays Center. The teams' rivalry isn't about New York but the NBA, they will say. There's enough audience out there that both arenas can fill their stages and their coffers.


Dolan has yet to respond to Mikhail Porkhorov's invitation to Opening Night and the Garden can read the list of events being booked in Brooklyn as well as anyone. The Rolling Stones' 50th anniversary tour has been booked into only two venues: London...and Brooklyn. New sponsors can't wait to get their names in the oculus. Hank Ratner, CEO of MSG (and no relation) says "the Garden will always be the Garden," of which there is no doubt. But we don't see a lot of onlookers taking pictures at 33rd and 7th the way they are at Atlantic and Flatbush.

Meanwhile, MaryAnne Gilmartin of Forest City Ratner reports that 90 per cent of the suites at Barclays Center are sold out.