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Brook Lopez, MarShon Brooks in Photos of the Day

Alyonka Larionov

Brook Lopez and MarShon Brooks didn't have the best of days Tuesday, judging by their facial expressions. Lopez got his hair cut (finally) in Fort Greene, near Barclays Center, part of a charity event, one of three community events attended by Nets players Tuesday. Early in the day, Brooks was at Boys and Girls High School and Kris Humphries at the YMCA.

Lopez looked positively horrified when a couple of energetic amateurs from the Navy Yard Boys & Girls Clubhouse started wielding the clippers at the Dream Team Barber Shop. But even though the finished product took four inches off his height, he had a better day than his partner in Brook and Brooks of Brooklyn. The second year player learned that despite having played last season in the league (and despite the presence of three rookies) it turns out his teammates still consider him (and still refer to him) as a rookie.

On return to the parking lot at PNY Center in East Rutherford, Brooks found his car and he the victims of a veterans prank. His Acura was filled with popcorn and conclusive evidence of who did it is all over the internet. Why pull a rookie prank on a guy who's been through it once? Well, the committee of Nets Vets has ruled that since last season was only 66 games long, he still must serve 16 games in rookie purgatory. It seemed like Brooks will deal with it okay, but as he tweeted, "Lol wish yall could see this dude at the car wash face tho"