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Brook Lopez Wants To Be Star of The BROOKLYN Nets

Brooklyn Nets

Word around the Nets is that no player is as excited about Brooklyn as Brook Lopez. It's not about his name. It's about the next level in his and the team's redemption. He along with Kris Humphries can still recall 2009-10 when the Nets started 0-18 and finished only modestly better at 12-70. He also remembers last season when he barely played and when his name was mentioned, it was often in the same sentence as the words, "Dwight Howard" and "trade."

Now, he can be seen alone at center court of Barclays Center, imagining, he says, a full crowd filling the arena with noise and energy. No doubt this quietly proud 24-year-old imagines making some noise himself as well. As he told Howard Beck, ""I want to spend as much time as possible here. This is really our home now."

And there is a leadership component to this "Brooklyn" Lopez. At the Armor tryouts last weekend, Lopez helped out by giving all the prospects a pep talk, taking time out from his own workouts.