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5,000 Brooklyn Nets Fans Wowed By Barclays Center


The Nets threw open the doors of the Nets new arena Monday night, inviting their season ticket holders to spend two hours inside Barclays Center. Of the 11,000 invited about 5,500 requested tickets, say the Nets, and it looked like most of them showed up, spending time ogling the oculus to sneaking pictures of Mikhail Prokhorov's supersuite.

For two hours, the fans basically had free rein at the arena. Free food and drink was provided by several of the concessions on the main concourse. Only the new herringbone patterned main court and the practice court were off-limits. The practice court in fact was being used by Jay-Z's band, getting ready for Friday's opening night concert. The night had no program, but many of the team's top brass, including CEO Brett Yormark, Chairman of the Board Christophe Charlier and Onexim Sports President Irina Pavlova greeted fans.