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Lopez: "Not Thinking About My Foot"

Brooklyn Nets/Irina Pavlova
Brooklyn Nets/Irina Pavlova

This Brook Lopez interview with Jared Zwerling got lost in the rush of ribbon-cutting stories Friday. In it, the Nets center talks about everything from his training regimen to "The Simpsons."

Without any announcement, Lopez has moved from rehab to playing five-on-five and says it shouldn't be a surprise. "I feel 100 percent. I'm not even thinking about my foot," he told Zwerling. "I think pretty much everyone has been here for about two weeks now and we've had some very competitive 5-on-5 games, conditioning sessions, weights and stuff like that. We've had days where we've had 14, 15 guys playing, so it just makes it all very exciting."

Also exciting, he says, is the arena. "When I walked on the court, imagining everyone in here, the sound as loud as can be, the energy, just everyone having a great time. I'm just so excited for opening night."