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King's Mission Accomplished


Billy King remembers what it was like back on July 1, when he had four names of his depth chart, an erasable white board. The only names on the board were: Anthony Morrow, Marshon Brooks, Jordan Williams and Johan Petro. Not the makings of a contender. Many pundits had written him off. Chad Ford called for him to be fired...twice.

Now, the chart is filled and with players, three of them with a combined 10 All-Star appearances over the last six years.

"Unbelievable," said Brook Lopez, one of the guys King signed. "He picked up fantastic guys and gave us a very good team. Not just a collection of good players, but a great team."

Roderick Boone talked to King at the Barclays Center ribbon-cutting Friday. He also spoke with Mikhail Prokhorov and asked him what he thought of King's job. "I'm sure, I do believe he will be the GM of the Year," the Nets' Russian billionaire owner said.