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Armor Seeking Diamonds-in-Rough

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Early Saturday morning, a group of professional basketball hopefuls gathered at PNY Center for the Springfield Armor open tryouts. WIth Milton Lee, Bob MacKinnon and Chris Carrawell watching, more than 100 players went through conditioning drills, then more interactive competition.

Last year, the Armor found three players in open tryouts, each a standout at a lower level of college ball, guys who weren't scouted but showed their stuff at the tryout. Said Lee, "What I tell most people that are asking about discovering players and scouting and what it's like is as you get to lower and lower levels of basketball. It's kind of a pyramid shape of the amount of talent that's out there. So the 10th man on a D-League team is replaceable by hundreds of guys.'