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Prokhorov: "I Want Russian Players"

ProBasketball 100
ProBasketball 100

The Nets' Russian ownership has always been firm on the nationality of the team's roster: where you're from doesn't matter. If a Russian player is good enough, fine, but the Nets will not sign Russian players just because they're Russian.

In an interview Friday, Mikhail Prokhorov seemed to signal a subtle shift in that philosophy, telling ITAR-TASS, the Russian equivalent of AP: "I’m thinking about recruiting Russian players to our lineup in the nearest future," Prokhorov told ITAR-TASS. "I really want this to happen."

The Nets did pursue Andrei Kirilenko at the end of July, but had only the vets minimum to offer. The Timberwolves signed him for $20 million over two years, but that second year is a player option. AK-47 is one of three NBA players from Russia.