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Finally, A Home Of Our Own

And what a home it is! Words like "majestic," "magnificent," "amazing," etc. filled the air Friday, but the one that seemed to best express what Nets fans, rather than architecture critics or sports writers, will feel on entry is "wow."

The "wow" factor cannot be overstated. For a team that has wandered from one lesser dig to another, each owned by someone else, Barclays Center represents the shock of the new, something that on first look causes rubbery legs and bulging eyes, some that might well up with a tear or two. Or as long-time Nets PR guy Gary Sussman tweeted on seeing the arena lit for the first time, "I am speechless."

Over the the next few days and weeks, more and more fans will get that first shock and will react according to their emotional make-up. The season ticket holders get their first view Monday night (and a few others can take a peek from the Nets Shop earlier that day.) Jay-Z fans will be able to ogle in awe on Friday. More will see it during preseason before finally, on November 1, that long journey will end in a raucous opening night. As architect Gregg Pasquarelli promised of the acoustics, it will be loud...and proud.