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Barclays Opens To Rave Reviews; Prokhorov: "Only No. 1" Matters

Adam Pantozzi/Brooklyn Nets
Adam Pantozzi/Brooklyn Nets

With Bruce Ratner and Mikhail Prokhorov sitting alongside the the mayor of New York City, Barclays Center opened in the heart of Brooklyn, the first of several opening ceremonies that includes Jay-Z's concert on September 28 and the Nets opening game vs. the Knicks on November 1.

Prokhorov in comments said he expects the team to be worthy of the arena and the borough. "Not everyone, in their lifetime, gets to witness an event that changes a city," Prokhorov said. "Maybe those who witnessed the building of the Brooklyn Bridge could say that. I assure you, we are bringing a team that is worthy of this great arena and this great borough."

Prokhorov, who credited Ratner with being the hero of the day, stuck with his promise of a championship by 2015. "Every team has a grand plan, and we're moving slowly, step by step, because it's easy to make a strong team, but it's very difficult to make a championship team. So we are on the right way and I'm expecting our championship within three years now," Prokhorov told reporters.

Meanwhile, Billy King said he believed the Nets have something to prove after their off-season and Brook Lopez said he was impressed by the number of players who have shown up at the PNY Center. They and Bobby Marks were the highest profile members of the team's basketball operations department on hand.