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Brooklyn Nets' Attendance Near Perfect At Pre-Camp Workouts

Participation in informal workouts before the head coach blows the first whistle is one indicator of players' commitment to their team. For the Nets, this year has been extraordinary. Of the 18 players on the roster, all but Toko Shengelia has made an appearance at PNY Center. He's awaiting his visa. As Gary Sussman tweeted last week, he's never seen so many rotation players on the court this early. And now, a week later, it's not just rotation players.

Based on reports from social media, the Internet and other sources, here's the status of the 18 guys who are under contract, guaranteed or non-guaranteed.

Deron Williams - In. At PNY Center every day leading the charge

Joe Johnson - In. Arrived early this week

Brook Lopez - In. Worked out, went to China, back on court next day.

MarShon Brooks - In. Worked out, went to Russia, back on court next day

Gerald Wallace - In. Arrived late last week

Kris Humphries - In. Since last week

Reggie Evans - In. Since last week

C.J. Watson - In, then Out. worked out, went to Chicago, back soon

Tyshawn Taylor - In. Worked out, went to Kansas for Athlete of the Year, returned

Mirza Teletovic - In. Arrived last night from Bosnia, works out Thursday

Toko Shengelia - Out. Awaiting visa.

Keith Bogans - In. Since last week

Jerry Stackhouse - In. Since last week

Andray Blatche - In last week for signing, back next week. Training in Texas

Josh Childress - In last week for signing, back next week. Training in California

Carleton Scott - In earlier this week

James Mays - In earlier this week

Stephen Dennis - In earlier this week