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Quietly, Transit Connection Opens


The Barclays Center Transit Connection opened without fanfare Monday and the first reviews are in. Second Avenue Sagas, a blog devoted to the city's mass transit system (and named after the never-ending saga to complete the "T" Line) finds the $76 million (give or take) station "ready to deliver. We’ll find out in ten days how it handles the crowd."

As SAS notes, the station is needed primarily for safety. Other than the Transit Connection, there is no safe way to cross Atlantic and Flatbush avenues, both crowded and hectic six lane roads. "With two escalators, an elevator and five stair cases to go with an ample number of turnstiles, post-game subway riders will find it easy to get from the arena to their trains." The site's Benjamin Kabak is concerned that the B/Q Line tunnel is a bit too cramped, but he probably never walked over the tunnel linking IZOD Center with the Meadowlands parking lots.