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Fan's Birthday Tribute To Teletovic

Brooklyn Nets via El Txoko de Los Jugones
Brooklyn Nets via El Txoko de Los Jugones

A fan blog in Vitoria, Spain, offers a tribute to Mirza Teletovic on the occasion of his 27th birthday Monday. David Pejenaute wishes the Nets rookie good luck in Brooklyn, saying "Teletovic who turned 27 yesterday, has everything to succeed in the NBA. It is predestined. He probably will never become a franchise player, We may never see him have a starting role in a team with (championship) aspirations (but) has a host of virtues that can make him a great complement to any team, a specialist in capital letters."

But Pejenaute admits Teletovic is not perfect. "Teletovic is not always making the right decision, his shot selection is questionable, I always thought that his concentration is sometimes limited and there are who censure his tactical deficiencies in defense." Still, Pejenaute trusts the Nets and Avery Johnson in particular to help him with the transition.