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Nets Hope The Clock Turns Back On Blatche and Childress

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The Nets aren't taking much of a risk (how about none?) in signing Andray Blatche and Josh Childress to non-guaranteed one-year deals. But what about the reward? Can the two amnestied veterans, neither of whom have turned 30, turn the clock back to when GM's thought they were worth $6 or $7 million a year?

Tim Bontemps lays out how far both fell last year, including a bizarre stat for Childress. He then offers what's possible if they can get back to 2011 level in Blatche's case and 2008 for Childress: "What already was a fairly deep bench for the Nets just got quite a bit deeper. But if they are nothing more than the same players they were last season, it’s far from a crippling blow to the Nets’ chances this season."

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