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Hump Upgrades Manhattan Digs

Getty Images

Kris Humphries is, let's face it, the Nets most famous player. As a retired Kardashian, his every move is scrutinized. So when he upgraded his living quarters, commensurate with his $24 million contract, it's news, particularly since his rent is nearly $100,000 a year. That's according to TMZ. Hump's new apartment is in Battery Park City, near the World Trade Center (and not far from Barclays Center.)

We don't know the addresses of the other Nets players, particularly since some of them don't have addresses yet. But it looks Hump is one of four who will call Manhattan home: Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Jerry Stackhouse and Humphries. Tyshawn Taylor and MarShon Brooks are on the record as staying in New Jersey, Taylor in his native Hoboken. Gerald Wallace is on the record saying Brooklyn scares him.