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Why 10,000 Season Tickets Matter

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

WNYC reports Monday on how Nets tickets have become a hot commodity this fall. With the team recently passing the 10,000 season ticket mark, sports analysts are praising the Nets marketing, particularly considering how the team's lineup was so dotted with question marks entering the summer.

"What the Nets have been able to do so successfully, very early on, is to really capture the heart of Brooklyn," NYU Sports Management Professor Wayne McDonnell tells WNYC. But the significance of the number isn't just about recapturing the "magic" of the Dodgers. There's business "magic" too..

As Irina Pavlova, president of Mikhail Prokhorov's holding company, recently told NetsDaily, "The reason the 10,000 number is 'magic' is because according to NBA data, teams that sell that minimum of season passes have a very high probability of selling out their games."

American Express cardholders can purchase single game tickets starting Monday morning.

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