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Taylor Looking To Be A "Sponge"

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Tyshawn Taylor sees his rookie year as a transition, from the structured life of a college athlete to one where the biggest challenge is being professional off the court and a sponge that soaks up NBA knowledge on.

"I’m just looking to be a sponge, basically, and just kind of soak up as much information as possible," said Taylor. "I think those guys already in the league understand the lifestyle that I’m gonna walk into ... so they’re gonna be able to help me both on and off the court, so I’m really looking forward to that."

Taylor says his first priority is to be professional: "I’m just gonna have to grow up a little bit; come off more professional, just be more of a business man; how to handle my business a little better. He's certainly honest, telling Bryant Knox of Bleacher Report who he thinks is the NBA's best PG: "I’m a huge (Rajon) Rondo fan. I love his game, I think he’s one of the best at his position, if not the best. I think it’s arguable for sure, but I think he’s in the argument."