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Euro-Stash Combine for 17 in Win

The Nets' two Euro-stashed draft picks, Bojan Bogdanovic and Ilkan Karaman, played limited minutes in Fenerbahce's 74-56 win over CSKA Moscow Sunday but still contributed, combining for 17 points. It was the first time the two have played together. The game was an exhibition to honor the retirement of Mirsad Turkcan, who had played for both teams. Turkcan was the first Turkish player to make an NBA team.

Bogdanovic played only 18 minutes and came away with six points and three rebounds, missing all three of his long balls. Karaman had 11 and 8 in 23 minutes, shooting 5-for-6. Both came off the bench. On Tuesday, the two concluded play in the FIBA Eurobasket Qualifying Tournament, Bogdanovic for Croatia, Karaman for Turkey.

  • Boxscore: Fenerbahce vs. CSKA Moscow - - CSKA Moscow