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So Far, Nets Marketing Is Working, But Championships Win Big Bucks


A blogger for an online marketing firm looks at the Nets marketing of their Brooklyn brand and finds it working, but Brandon Koch of Main Street Host says that even with Jay-Z, Mikhail Prokhorov, an amazing arena and all those striking black-and-white logos, the Nets real success will depend on a championship.

"Teams that win and win often have the most devoted fans,both locally and nationwide," writes Koch, pointing out that the biggest brands in sports, the Yankees, Cowboys and Patriots have won 13 championships in the past 20 years. "A team with 27 rings like the Yankees is much more endearing than a team with zero." If he added the Lakers to the mix, the numbers would have risen to 18 titles in 20 years.

He notes as well that the Nets, having been mediocre (at best) in recent years, have a bigger challenge than most, but they seem to be on the right track, helped by Jay-Z's personal brand and the "shortcomings" of their rivals. But if they want to make real money, you have to win big.