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Shaq: Knicks "Probably" Own NYC

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Guess we'll have to wait for Kenny Smith. After Charles Barkely praised the Nets and trashed the Knicks last week, his TNT partner Shaquille O'Neal weighed in. Shaq didn't quite say that the Knicks were the team to beat in New York. He was asked if the Big Apple ever will be a Nets town.

"No, probably not," O'Neal told But at least in what was published, he didn't say the Knicks will own the Nets. He had kind things to say about both teams, noting the Nets got better (after a $335 million outlay, one would hope so) and gave high marks for the Nets re-signing of Brook Lopez.

As for the Knicks, he opined that Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire need to take things "more personally."

But the main point of his interview seemed to be about his hopes for the city rivalry: "The good thing about (New Yorkers) is that they're always excited, they're very competitive," said O'Neal. "(So) I'm looking for the Nets-Knicks rivalry to amp up a little bit more this year."