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No "Big Gulp" Drinks at Barclays

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

The New York City board of health on Thursday banned the sale of so-called "big gulf" sugary drinks, those bigger than 16 oz, at theaters, restaurants and concession stands ... including those at sports arenas. Immediately, Bruce Ratner announced Barclays Center will voluntarily go along with the ban months before it goes into effect. The "B" at center court won't stand for "big gulp."

"I raise a 16 ounce cup and toast Barclays for joining us today and implementing this plan 6 months ahead of schedule," Mayor Michael C. Bloomberg said. "This is a game-changing vote and the new Barclays Center is on the winning side." It's all part of the city's anti-obesity campaign.

However, arena critic Norman Oder quoted a Nets press release noting, "the Nets offer an All Access Pass that can "be used for unlimited food, prepared by award-winning Levy Restaurants, at designated clubs and all fixed concession stands during NETS games -- a first-time offering for a major New York metropolitan area sports team."