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Nets Cross 10,000 Ticket Line As Knick Fans Defect To Brooklyn

suspense23 via Instagram
suspense23 via Instagram

In a two-page spread that dominates the New York Post entertainment section, Brett Yormark notes that the Nets recently crossed 10,000 season ticket line and sales continue at a brisk pace, part of it fueled by defections from the Knicks.

From courtside seats to suites to the upper bowl, Barclays Center is getting sold out. The mix is heavily Brooklyn. "When you look at our season ticket base, you’re talking about roughly 45 percent from Brooklyn, 25 percent from Manhattan, 12 percent from New Jersey, and the rest is from the outer boroughs and Long Island," explains Yormark. "We’re a fresh new alternative in the marketplace."

Many are defectors from the Knicks. Peter Catlin, who lives near the Garden, explains why he left: "rising prices and diminished product ... "There is a great deal of hope in Brooklyn, while the Garden is filled with angst, desperation and denial."