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78 Days of Summer - A Look Back

Gary Sussman/Nets_PR
Gary Sussman/Nets_PR

With Thursday's expected signing of Josh Childress, the Nets off-season will be over. It's possible a camp invite other than Childress and Andray Blatche could make the team. Dennis Horner did last summer, beating out Ime Udoka. But the 13 guaranteed deals, plus the two amnestied vets, will likely make up the roster on November 1.

So, in eleven weeks between the draft and now, the Nets have committed $335.7 million in cash money to 14 basketball players. Only MarShon Brooks wasn't signed, re-signed, traded for or drafted. That's the second most ever, behind only the Heat's off-season in 2010, a front office source tells us.

Add the $2.75 million spent on Draft Night to purchase the draft rights of Tyshawn Taylor and Toko Shengelia and you're at $335.7 million in roster-related expenditures, not counting luxury taxes, which are likely to amount to $13.2 million. That's after the Nets hadn't paid a dime in luxury taxes since 2004.

Mike Mazzeo chronicles the 78 days of Billy King and Bobby Marks' mastery (we hope!) and looks at the depth chart.