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Islanders Inch Closer to Brooklyn


When Charles Wang toured Barclays Center last week, it wasn't just a courtesy call. With the ice floor down, the Islanders owner was getting a look at what could await him if he decides to move his team 25 miles east from Nassau Coliseum. WFAN reports that decision could come soon enough, maybe 2014, the year before Wang's lease runs out.

Wang hasn't been impressed with Nassau County's plans to redevelop the Coliseum property but according to an NHL source who spoke to B.D. Gallof, Wang may use those plans to "to put more pressure on Barclays for a good deal" down the road.

Gallof adds that Barclays has quietly built two home team dressing rooms and there's a plan to rectify the sightline issues. Because of sightline issues, only 14,500 of the 18,200 seats can be sold for hockey, "The seating situation could be readily modified if a long-term tenant is in place," Gallof quotes an NHL source.