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Rookie Chronicles: Driving Mr. Jerry

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Tyshawn Taylor will be one of three rookies on the Nets this season, but he's the only one at the PNY Center. Mirza Teletovic and Toko Shengelia are just finished successful Eurobasket tours and haven't arrived yet. Once they do, they'll have to settle in. In the meantime, Taylor is working out and getting the brunt of rookie hazing.

"I had to drive Jerry Stackhouse to the track today," Taylor told Tim Bontemps. "It was just me and him in the car. He sat in the back. I started laughing and we had a good laugh."

It's just one of several transitions he's had to make, among them just getting used to the presence of NBA All-Stars in the locker room. "Like today, I walked in the locker room and I’m working out with [Jerry] Stackhouse, you know what I mean? Deron Williams is right next to me and [I’m] playing against him … it’s just a weird feeling. These are the guys that I’ve been watching my whole life. It just feels crazy."